5 Smart Ways to Link Building for SEO 2020

Backlinks are the most important part of SEO still. Specifically, for the keywords that have high competition
for this reason, take heed of a few things to a good link building strategy.

15 Nov, 2020
Matt Gulec

Link Building Basics for SEO 2020

Smart Backlink Strategies

For a good backlink can increase your rankings also in this way you can gain backlink traffic on your website.

Some Kind of Backlinks:

  1. Guest Backlink

    You can earn new backlinks into your website while writing the comment. However, don’t forget this type of backlinks are having no-follow parameters. Also, you will have gained guest backlinks free and easily. The easy way to earn free backlink is using guest backlinks.

    Some of guest backlink sources: Mashable, Hubspot, GetResponse

  2. Blog Post Backlink

    Blog Post backlinks are helpful to your business growth and this way, you can promote your business. Blog post should have 3 outgoing links to your website maximum to get more advantages. If you don’t have a good post don’t worry there are many websites to create SEO-Friendly content for your business.

  3. Footer Backlink

    Footer Backlink is the most important kind of backlinks to grow your business’ website. In this way, you can gain backlinks from all pages of the targeted website. Quality of backlinks is important besides the number of backlinks. You should check the number of outgoing links for the targeted website, and notice if the website has a lot of outgoing links means that may have a high spam score.

5 Smart Ways to Link Building

Backlink SEO
  1. DA - PA Rates And Spam Score of the Website

    Domain Authority (DA) shows the power of the domain for SEO. DA, PA rate evaluates from 100 points. Page Authority (PA) shows the power of the specific page of the website.

    If you want to backlink from a specific page, you should really check the PA rate of this page. At the same time, If PA and DA rates have big differences means that shows you things going wrong on this website. For the website that you want to have a backlink is deeply analyze extremely important

    The website that duplicates content might have a higher spam score or have a lot of outgoing links that’s why we don't recommend taking into your website backlinks higher than 20 spam score points. Google may mark-up as risky for this kind of website and your website may take a penalty. The acceptable spam score is between 0-20 for the SEO.

  2. Traffic of the Website

    Having high traffic the website generally sends powerful signals to your website and this way impacts your SEO positively. While analyzing traffic sources, pay attention to organic traffic on the targeted website. Organic traffic sources are more permanent instead of paid traffic sources that’s why you should analyze the keywords that attract organic traffic on search engines.

  3. Analyze Backlinks for the Targeted Website

    How do they earn backlinks kind of? What are the technical SEO scores of this website? What is the age of the targeted website’s domain name? Check the backlink history, these are must answered questions. The website having low-quality backlinks, it will have a negative impact on your website. For that reason, we extremely recommend having a backlink after analyzing the website.

  4. Index of the Website

    If you will have the footer backlink, more important criteria google index numbers of the website. Footer backlink shows all the pages of the website. Also, you can gain powerful backlinks for your website to all pages from this website. Imagine that you had footer backlinks from X website, and this website’s number of indexes is 240. This way, you have gained 240 different backlinks with powerful signals.

    Use this query to check out the number of indexes on the targeted website.


    If you search on Google like this, you can see it easily.

    How Can See Google Index
  5. What Means the Dofollow - Nofollow Links?

    Google scans all of the websites periodically to improve SERP results. This way Google targets the quality SERP results and removes the spam sites.

    Nofollow: These types of backlinks have no impact directly but improve your DA, PA rates and send positive signals to Google. If you have focused keyword rankings, it will not help to increase ranking for your keywords on Google.

    For Example:

    < a href="https://yourwebsite.com" title="Your Keyword" rel="nofollow">Your Keyword< / a>

    You should always check the rel parameter.

    Noreferrer or Noopener: Like nofollow, It has no impact on increasing rankings directly. Generally, we see the type of ‘noreferrer’ or ‘noopener’ links in guest post areas or comment areas. Guest Post sites or Comment Areas contains many links for this reason site owners use these parameters to recover it. At the same time, these links aren't tracked by Google Crawlers.

    < a href="https://yourwebsite.com" title="Your Keyword" rel="noreferrer">Your Keyword< / a>

    < a href="https://yourwebsite.com" title="Your Keyword" rel="noopener">Your Keyword< / a>

    Dofollow or No Rel Parameter: Having this type of backlinks impact to increase the rankings directly as more as sending positive signals for your website. Having too many 'dofollow' links, it shows use black hat seo technique. You should provide the backlink diversity to have a good backlink profile as dofollow, social links, nofollow.

    < a href="https://yourwebsite.com" title="Your Keyword" rel="dofollow">Your Keyword< / a>

    < a href="https://yourwebsite.com" title="Your Keyword">Your Keyword< / a>

    You can analyze the targeted website using free backlink checker tools

    The importance is to check your backlinks and always may not have positive signals in your backlinks. In order not to increase your spam score, you should check your backlinks periodically also, to get a higher ranking, you should check the backlink analysis.

    Here are the most useful free backlink tools: SEO Profiler, Site Checker, Ahrefs, Semrush

    Effective Link Building

    Social media is an important part of helpful backlink sources. If your social media accounts manage effectively, Social media platforms send powerful signals on your website. Also, you gain unique backlink sources from social media. Backlinks still are a big part of the quality link building.

    First of all, you need a roadmap to having high-quality links. You should deploy your keywords according to your backlinks also, don’t forget anchor text in your backlinks.

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