10 Local SEO Tips

Why do you need Local SEO? Many businesses move to digital due to Covid-19 and your potential customers are looking for businesses similar yours in digital world. From now on you can gain clients from search engines, easily. Now check out the local SEO tips to acquire new visitors.

13 Nov, 2020
Matt Gulec

Most Successful 10 Local SEO Tips

Successful Local SEO Tips

SEO; categorized in local, national, international and generally, small businesses needs local SEO. If you would like to target in specific locations' users, with local SEO reach out to your potential customers. We have listed the most important 10 seo tips in here.

  1. Google Maps Registration

    Your clients are looking for similar businesses to contact. When they search for local services they contact you easily with Google Maps. If you just started the SEO works, don't forget to register Google Maps. Also, you can share into My Business account, campaigns or news about your business.

    In 10-Steps Add Your Business on Google Maps

    Sign in your Gmail account on Google My Business

    1- Type your business name

    Business Name Google My Business

    2- Choose the category that fits you

    Choose Category Google My Business

    3- Enter address details of your business

    Enter Address Details Google My Business

    4- If you have a delivery service, check it

    Delivery Google My Business

    5- Add the areas you serve

    Serve Areas Google My Business

    6- Your business’ contact details

    Contact Details Google My Business

    7- Almost finished

    Listing Google My Business

    8- Completed the progress

    Verify Google My Business

    9- Verify your business

    Verification Code Google My Business

    10- Preview your business in Google Maps

    Listing Google My Business

  2. Update Your Website’s Meta Tags According to Local SEO Results

    If you update your website’s meta tags according to local results, the ranking of the website will increase.

    We assume that you are a bakery owner in London and provide awesome delicious food. In this scenario, you can change your meta tags as below to boost your local seo.

    Title: Oliver’s Bakery 5* Hygiene Rating in London

    Description: Are you looking for a bakery shop in London? Affordable postal brownies, stuffed cookies. 5* Hygiene Rating and great taste and multiple payment options in London.

  3. Get Your Customer Reviews

    Your customers before buying any service want to read reviews from the targeted business.


    You can start to move your business in digital media. The first step is to upload your business images and take care to correctly manage them. Send notification to your customers to start collecting reviews from yelp.com. To increase SEO visibility score, fill out all details of your yelp account.

  4. Move Your Business on Social Media

    Social Media Platforms

    1B+ users currently are using social media, can’t be a better platform for your local business. To boost your local seo and reach out to your potential customers on social media, now create social media profiles and promote your services or products.

    Here are the most popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest

    5 Reasons to Move Your Business on Social Media?
    1. From now, with social media platforms, you can gain more interactions from your potential customers. Social media platforms boost your local seo.
    2. Build brand loyalty with your customers, and create campaigns for your loyal customers. Would you be interested in sending discount coupons for your loyal customers?
    3. You can target your potential customers easily on social media and after this, keep in touch with your targeted users.
    4. Moving your business on Social Media is very important. With powerful social media strategies, your business will be a visible brand on Social Media.
    5. Instead of other marketing channels, social media marketing is cheaper. So why don’t create amazing campaigns and acquire new customers on Social Media?

  5. Submit Your Business in Your Area's Directories

    To increase online visibility and boost your local seo, you should submit your business in your area’s directories. In this way, you can attract more local customers from your area.

    You should submit your website into popular directories in the world as well as local business directories in your area. Discover local directories in your area.

    Some of International Directories: FourSquare, TripAdvisor, MerchantCircle, Business.com

  6. Create Effective Content for the Local SEO

    With the attractive contents, promote your services/products. You can start creating unique content to update your website’s content as well as your website's rising chance of first-page ranking on SERP.

    Content Marketing For SEO
    Content Marketing Platforms:

    Using content marketing platforms, when creating unique content, gain a backlink. Also, while you were writing content, include your local keyword thus your content will be more important for search engines.

    Tips of the SEO-Friendly Content
    • Use long-tail keywords, thus attract visitors from more keywords variations. With long-tail local keywords, acquire more organic traffic easily. Also, to focus on low competition keywords, can use “Searches related to” area at the bottom of the search results.
    • You can check the trends in your industry from the Google Trends Explore tool.
    • Improve the readability of your content. Keep the paragraph length. The optimal rate is 50-100 words per paragraph. Use the colours, images, infographics as much as possible. Use ordered list items. Pay attention to Grammar and Spelling. Typography (font size, font family, line height, letter-spacing) You should choose a clear font for able to reading easily

    Most Popular Content Marketing Platforms: Medium, Reddit, Quora

  7. Use Schema Integration to Boost Your Local SEO

    With using schema structure, you can increase your website’s visibility so that it boosts your local SEO. Select and start to use the rich snippets fit for your website.

  8. Analyze Your Website’s Visitors

    Your website is your first chance to create a strong impression with prospects that's why each user is valuable.

      Google Analytics Will Help Your Questions
    • Where do users enter your website from? (country, area, city)
    • What are the popular pages of your website? ( and compare the data to daily, weekly or custom date)
    • Creating a smart target, you can check your user’s target complete rate.
    • You can see instant users data at your website.
    • Google Analytics helps to deeply analyze traffic channels on your website. Also, you can manage the data and compare them according to organic, paid, social, direct.

    Here are the other tools might you use: Yandex Metrica, Adobe Analytics

  9. Focusing the ‘Near Me’ Results on the Local SERP.

    Many searches seem to be ‘keywords … near me’. You should write the city name in your website min. 10 times. Also, your meta tags must include your city name.

  10. Analyze Your Competitors

    To acquire better rankings from competitors, you should analyze them. With the competitor analysis tools; you can see your competitors’ top pages, popular topics, and traffic channels by user. Always you need a roadmap for SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO London

Keywords are very important in local SEO, for this reason we determine the best performing keywords for you and work on them for your SEO. What kind of market is targeted local or global? What will be major and minor keywords for local SEO London?

We improve and develop hundreds of values that are important to your website. Thus, you will be number 1 on local SEO rankings.